With a large number of online streaming sites available on the internet, it seems quite difficult to find a genuine and reliable one.

123Movies is one of such trustworthy sites, which provides its users with high-quality movies as well as TV shows.

The popular site allows you to stream best rated and newest movies and TV shows for free. As the site has a huge database of movies, it is highly admired by movie buffs.

Despite being known for fast uploading the latest releases, the site includes a variety of popular and older titles.

Besides keeping format options like Full HD(1080p) and SP(480p), the site also contains a variation of 4K Ultra HD(depending upon your system options).

123Movies Proxy/Mirror Sites

As 123Movies is banned in many countries around the world, a proxy or mirror site can help in accessing the original one in those countries.

Below mentioned are few proxy sites of 123Movies. All of these are currently available.


Is 123Movies safe?

As a user, it is completely legal to access the various streaming sites.

Uploading or posting an unlicensed copyrighted content is considered as an illegal action. That is why sites like 123Movies are banned in various places. 

As there are several methods available to access these prohibited sites, using a VPN while streaming the content is highly effective. A VPN makes you go anonymous and thus protect your identity from your ISP.

How to safely visit 123Movies?

In order to prevent several legal issues, sites like 123Movies never host the copyrighted content on their own server. Instead, they tend to act as a search engine that indexes movies and TV shows from different 3rd Party hosts.

As soon as you enter the 123Movies website, you are going to see a lot of ads. There will be display ads, pop-up ads, in-movie ads, and whatnot. And most of these ads you encounter are A-rated ads which makes them easier for you to click.

Now as far as my experience, I don’t find these ads safe at all. Once you click them, you go to the ads website, and even if you accidentally download something, you are simply inviting malware to your system. And malware is the major issue that is associated with most of the free movie streaming sites.

Also, these sites have been repeatedly taken down by the government in the past due to violating piracy laws. So, it’s likely that most of the ISP’s will keep on monitoring their user’s activities while they are using these sites.

So here’s what I suggest.

  1. Firstly, go for a premium VPN Service like NordVPN to take care of your privacy so that you can watch movies anonymously.
  2. Secondly use an ad-blocker so that the risk of exposing your device to various malicious ads is 0. If you use NordVPN, then you don’t have to buy an ad-blocker as NordVPN comes with an inbuilt ad-blocker known as CyberSec that does the job for you. All you have to do is just enable it.
  3. Now, as you are fully equipped, just go to 123Movies or any other below-mentioned free movie website and start watching your favorite shows.

Now Why I recommended NordVPN and not any other VPN?

NordVPN is an industry leader when it comes to protecting your privacy online. They offer a Strict No Log policy, Military-grade encryption, faster streaming speeds, DNS leak protection, and a lot more features to ensure your safety while streaming online.

Also, it comes with an in-built adblocker known as CyberSec, which protects you from all the malicious sites, unsafe connections, and dangerous pop-up ads to give you an amazing ad-free streaming experience with a max level of security.

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9 best 123Movies Alternatives and Similar Sites



GoMovies is probably the best alternative option available for 123Movies. It is quite similar to the latter. Both sites offer the same type of content.

However, its colour scheme is much lighter and familiar to eyes than of 123Movies.

Movies and TV shows are subbed in more than 50 languages(Spanish, French, Portuguese, Bengali, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, etc. to name a few). Movies from a wide range of genres such as action, thrill, comedy, adventure, drama, family, etc are easily accessible.

A brief description of the film is also given for the viewers to get a little idea about the movies or shows. Along with the description, IMDb ratings, released year, quality, genre, and country are also mentioned.

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Visit GoMovies Website



YesMovies is an amazing online movie streaming site that provides thousands of popular movies as well as TV shows.

The best part about the site is its loading speed. It is a way faster than the other competitors.

Comedy, fantasy, horror, sport, and mythology are some of the most popular movie genres of this site.

As the site is rich in movies and TV shows, it manages to keep an eye on the quality of videos being uploaded.

The popular streaming site is available in China, India, France, US, Taiwan and many other Asian as well as europian countries.

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Visit YesMovies Website



Putlocker provides users with numerous movies and TV shows. It is one of the oldest movie streaming sites on the internet.

It is believed that the site was launched back in 2011. Since then, it is very popular among movie lovers and receiving millions of visitors on a monthly basis.

Opposite to the other streaming sites, Putlocker offers a large number of popular Asian dramas. The site is a hub of Japanese anime and other cartoon shows.

The site doesn’t charge anything from you to stream your favorite shows. Account registration is also not required.

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Visit Putlocker Website


Moviesjoy, Soap2Day Alternatives

Are you a great movie lover? If yes, then you must have heard about MoviesJoy. Their huge database of films contains more than 10000 movies and TV shows.

All the seasons of much popular TV shows are available to watch for free. If you are interested in the popular content of the United States, then this is probably the best place for you.

The site serves an option to download your desired title and watch it later. Registering your account is not a necessity but is recommended.

Although the site claims to be ad-free, many irrelevant popup ads are there to spoil your mood. You must go for an effective ad-blocker.

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Visit Moviesjoy Website


Cinebloom, Lunchflix alternative

Cinebloom is another popular streaming alternative of 123Movies which encloses a huge library of movies and TV shows.

Its classic design with an elegant background makes the site different from its competitors.

This site actually contains a lot more content than it is visible on their homepage. Only 30 videos are present over there on the homepage. However, the list extends to 775th page.

The Icelandic website is fully optimized for the mobile users. You can easily filter movies on the basis of various genres. Popular documentaries indexed on the website are a treat to watch.

Scammy and irrelevant ads are less as compared to the other sites. You should definitely give it a shot.

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Visit Cinebloom Website


FMovies, Letmewatchthis alternative

FMovies acts as a one-stop destination for movie enthusiasts. This site is giving tough competition to sites like 123Movies.

Launched back in 2016, it is constantly providing the viewers with latest as well as classic old movies.

This arising site offers a wide range of high-quality movies just for free. You are not compelled to create your account. However, it unlocks several other cool and exciting benefits.

As the site come and go without giving any prior notice, it is advisable to bookmark some proxy sites of Fmovies on your browser.

The site’s claim to be ad-free is a complete lie. It is full of terrible pop-up ads. So you are advised to use a decent ad-blocker.

Another downside of the site is that it is banned in several countries like India, Austria and Sweden. But you can easily access it from such countries by the help of a VPN service.

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Visit FMovies Website


BMovies, Xmovies8 alternative

Like other streaming sites, BMovies is also trying to make high-quality movies available to the people for free. This is a sister site of FMovies. In fact, the two sites share almost identical content.

‘B’ in BMovies stands for blockbuster. Its only objective is to serve blockbuster movies and TV series to their users.

Since its arrival, the site has managed to build trust with their users and is frequently praised by many. Its easy to use interface allows you to easily navigate through the page to discover your favorite title.

The best thing about the site is its prominent search bar which makes it easier to search for your desired movies. A brief description along with IMDb rating is clearly mentioned, to make the task easier.

Visit BMovies Website



Soap2day is also a good option to watch out for high-quality movies and TV series. This site is pushing a lot of content to fight with its competitors.

There are no restrictions on the number of films being watched. You can also watch unlimited Movies and TV shows for free.

Talking about its homepage, Soap2day is designed beautifully with a user-friendly interface. The site has enough powers to grab your attention.

In order to minimize your efforts, a search bar is available at the top of the homepage. You are allowed to filter movies on the basis of the year and categories.

The site doesn’t force you to create your account. But in case you want to organize your own personalized playlist and get recommendations based on your interests, you should consider registering.

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Visit Soap2day Website



One of the many satisfactory alternatives of 123Movies, Solarmovie is highly popular for movies as well as TV shows.

The website is designed keeping in mind about the mobile users. With a bright color scheme, the homepage looks very appealing.

Solarmovie is well known for its regular updates. You can easily discover the newest movies within a few days of their release. It also provides you an option to download movies directly from the homepage. This will allow you to stream films offline.

Unlike the other streaming options, Solarmovie also provides you with movie trailers. Less scammy ads make it a better choice over the other sites.

The site is totally free to use. Just select a movie, plug in your headphones and enjoy streaming.

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Visit Solarmovie Website


After hours of hard work and study, enjoying a movie or a TV series gives the best feeling. Such a wide range of movie streaming sites is surely a blessing for the viewers.

You are required to choose the best option for yourself, depending upon your preferences.

So this was all about some of the best sites like 123Movies where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free. No matter which site you use, always protect yourself by using an ad-blocker and a good VPN service.


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