Ad Blockers or pop up blockers are the software that tends to block advertisements on any web page. Not only on the web sites but such blockers are also fruitful in shutting off ads while enjoying your favorite game or streaming your favorite shows online.

A large number of sites on the internet offer free content to their viewers. In order to generate some revenue, these free sites exhibit a hell lot of advertisements on their platform.

Ad Blockers manage to block many disturbing and malicious ads and thus protect your device from security threats.

These ad blockers help you in having a good online experience by increasing the loading speed of the web page you are looking for.

Nowadays, the rapidly growing number of online data leaking scams has valued the importance of an effective adblocker. These ad blocking plugins safeguards your online privacy, prevent your online tracking, secure your browsing habits, choices, and buying interests.

How do Ad Blockers work?

Usually, an ad-blocking software functions in two ways, either through script blocking or through DNS blocking.

Script Blocking

In this process, the ad blockers obstruct the ad script from being shown into the web site. These blockers already have a huge list of different ad scripts.

Working as a chrome extension, they receive information from the site and compare it with the ad scripts they posses. And in case they find a similarity between the two, they just prevent it from loading.

DNS Blocking

DNS blocking is one of the most effective ways of doing the work. Websites or applications seeking to demonstrate ads on their place ask a DNS server about the ads to be shown.

But the DNS blocker obstructs the request of the site and thus prevents the ad from being exhibited.

Things you should consider before opting for ad-blocking software

With a highly competitive market of ad blockers, pricing is the thing you should definitely take into consideration. While the free version of pop up blockers allows some kind of acceptable ads, paid editions can block everything for you.

Also, many VPN Services are out there which possess inbuilt ad blockers. You can give them a chance too. Not only these VPNs will hide your IP address but also stops many malicious ads to ensure the safety of your device.

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7 Best ad and pop up blockers for Chrome

As a large variety of ad blockers are out there, it becomes very crucial to know the best one that will completely safeguard your system as well as your privacy. Here is a list of top 7 ad and pop up blockers for chrome that we think does the job pretty well.

1.) AdLock

Ad and pop up blocker for chrome

AdLock is one of the most comprehensive adblocking software available on the internet. With AdLock, you can make your browsers, games, applications, and messengers completely ad-free.

The adblocker can easily wipe out all kinds of pop up ads, banner ads, and video ads. Interestingly, the software is also helpful in blocking the cryptocurrency mining ads. With this, you can freely read interesting articles rather than just being distracted by the ads.

AdLock has a lot more features than any other software out there. Unlike many other ad blockers that only block ads on the browser, it also obstructs them from your applications. Hiding personal data, checking dangerous links, and tracing bugs and spyware are its other features.

Being a newcomer in the adblocking industry, AdLock doesn’t allow acceptable ads. And obviously, it is not free to use. The software charges 720 INR per month, 7200 INR per year, and 28800 INR for 5 years. Moreover, it also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Visit AdLock Website

2.) AdBlock

AdBlock is another decent pop-up blocker that you can use to stop annoying ads, speed up your browsing, and protect your privacy online. Along with blocking many types of advertisements, it also increases your browsing speed.

AdBlock was created to provide a distraction-free internet surfing experience to the users. Founded back in 2009, it is one of the most popular web browsing tools. As of now, the blocker is used by more than 65 million internet users.

Besides eliminating pop up, banner and video ads, this software also improves the loading speed of the web page. It protects your private information by preventing advertisers from tracking your online presence.

Available in more than 40 languages, AdBlock doesn’t stop unobtrusive ads. As the blocker is involved in the Acceptable Ad Program, such safe ads are shown to their users. It is a free application that can be accessed through its chrome extension.

Visit the AdBlock Website

3.) AdGaurd

AdGaurd is possibly the best way to get rid of unwanted intrusive ads, online tracking, and other kinds of safety threats. It allows you to safely surf the internet ad-free. With its browsing security, you can avoid all sorts of fraud and phishing websites.

AdGaurd users can visit all kinds of websites without caring much about undesirable ads. It effectively works in all kinds of online applications and web browsers. With a rating of 4.5 stars, its android app is also quite popular.

Along with many disturbing pop-up and banner ads, the software also stops other annoying elements like signup forms, online consultants and etc. Apart from that, if you join the AdGaurd VPN’s waiting list by providing your email, you can get an opportunity to win a free 1-year subscription.

AdGaurd is available on all devices including PC, laptop, Mac, Android, and iOS. The anti-tracking software is not free at all and charges according to your validity plan. However, it is willing to offer a 14-day free trial.

Visit AdGaurd Website

4.) Ghostery

Ghostery ad blocker offers private, fast, tracker and ad-free internet browsing experience. Usually, it is used to block ads, prevent trackers and speed up websites.

This pop-up blocker is one of the decent software to protect your online privacy. It is equipped with the leading tracker protection technology. Ghostery Midnight intercepts and blocks the trackers from stealing your online data.

This open-source software automatically blocks various types of ads. Its improved anti-tracking system is beneficial to increase the loading speed of web pages.

This free ad-blocking tool enjoys more than 7 million monthly active users. Along with chrome, it also works with opera, firefox, and edge. Also, mobile browsers of Ghostery are available for Android as well as for iOS.

Visit Ghostery Website

5.) AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is one of the most effective tools for the digital world. If you are fed up with seeing annoying and irritable ads on the internet then you should try this software. It’s time to say goodbye to disruptive ads and online trackers.

With the world’s finest ad-blocking technology, this tool stops all advertisements, irrespective of the kind of content you surf. It manages to avoid all sorts of fraudulent sites and prevent your system from malware attacks.

Having more than 10 million downloads and 2 million-plus active users, AdBlocker Ultimate functions as an independent web browser. Its android app is way easier than many other popular browsers out there.

AdBlocker Ultimate provides both free as well as paid services. Its free trial lasts for a couple of weeks. But honestly, you will not regret after buying its paid version, after all, it is a value for money service.

Visit AdBlocker Ultimate Website

6.) uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a highly effective browser extension that operates well with both chrome and firefox. Currently, it is the most lightweight and simple to use adblocker. CPU and memory efficiency is one of its many promising features.

Similar to some of its counterparts, uBlock Origin stops pop up ads, protects your privacy and increase your browsing pace. But at the same time, it doesn’t make your computer too slow.

As it is an open-source ad blocker, you can easily create lists, use filters, and thus personalize it accordingly. Meanwhile, you are also allowed to choose the site you don’t want to be blocked by the software.

One of its major drawbacks is that it is only available for web browsers. So if you are seeking for an application-based ad blocker, you need to drop the idea of using this tool. But still, as a free ad-blocking tool, uBlock origin needs your attention.

Visit uBlock Origin Website

7.) Easy Ad Blocker

Easy Ad Blocker is one of the easiest way to freely block irritating pop-up ads, video ads, text ads, and banner ads. It is a simple and authentic ad-blocking tool which can be turned on or off with the help of a single click.

Being a reputed and trustworthy pop-up blocker, Easy Ad Blocker performs a large number of functions. It manages to block phishing websites, video ads, crypto miners and therefore save your time and patience.

Basically, Easy Ad Blocker works as an extension for your chrome browser. The software keeps on running in the background while you surf the web.

Apart from that, the free adblocking tool protects your kids online as it tends to block pornographic content and other inappropriate ads. This free tool is easily available in the chrome store.

Visit Easy Ad Blocker Website


Truly, a decent adblocker can enhance your internet experience. And more importantly, it is also proficient to prevent your online tracking by various different adware.

Also, be careful from a variety of ad blocker scams. Some fake blockers can easily obtain your personal data, interests, and browsing habits. So make sure to download the genuine software.


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