Japanese anime are quite popular these days. While having boredom at home, nothing can match the excitement of watching your favorite anime series.

Scripted and created by a team of highly creative artists, these are surely a treat to watch.

As most of these series are not available offline, it is our duty to make you guys aware of the best online anime streaming sites.

The websites are just free and don’t even require you to register and create your account. You can just search and watch your favourite anime.

How to Visit Anime Streaming Sites Safely

Now you might be wondering about the legality of anime streaming sites. Is it safe to use them? Are these websites legal? Let me explain it to you.

To have a clear view of the safety issue caused by such sites, you must have a clear cut understanding of their working mode.

These sites never host the given anime files on their own server. Their job is to index files which are being hosted by several third parties on their own server.

In short, they act as a search engine, helping you in discovering your favourite anime series.

As advertisement is a major source of earning for them, the third parties left them with little or no control over the advertisement shown on these sites.

Honestly, most of the advertisements are risk-free at all. But remember, a few terrible ads are enough to put your device into risk.

Some malicious ads may take you up to unsafe sites, downloading malware in your device, pushing your device into safety threats. That is why you should always consider using an AdBlocker to block such irrelevant ads.

For an Ad-Blocker, we will suggest you to go for CyberSec. CyberSec is an amazing product by NordVPN that blocks all the malicious ads, dangerous websites, and unsafe connections to give you an amazing ads-free streaming experience.

Are these sites legal?

Streaming online content is illegal if you are streaming without the permission of the copyrighted owner or when your copyright has expired.

Now as these sites always upload other’s copyrighted content, most of them are banned under piracy laws by various government across the globe.

But you should not worry much about this. Watching on an online streaming site is not a crime but uploading is. So you are not committing any sort of crime. The crime is being committed by these sites.

However, it is always recommended to use a good VPN while surfing on these sites.

It helps in case such sites are banned in your country by your government. 

For a good VPN service, we recommend NordVPN. It offers you Military Grade encryptionDNS leak protectionCyberSec – an excellent ad-blocker, Strict No Logs policy, Double VPN and a lot more features. Also, it’s very cheap. It costs only 3.49$ a month on their 3-year plan.

Steps to Visit Anime Streaming Sites with NordVPN

I use NordVPN, but you can use any other VPN service. Steps given below are generally the for most of the VPN’s.

  1. Go to www.nordvpn.com and set up an account.
  2. Select your Plan and preferred Payment method.
  1. Download NordVPN client to your system. For Android and iOS users, just download the app from your respected stores. Others can refer to this link and download it according to their system.
  2. Once you download it, Launch the client and log in.
  3. Establish a secure VPN connection by selecting any NordVPN server.
  4. For CyberSec, just go to the settings menu and enable the CyberSec feature by clicking the OFF option.
  5. Once CyberSec is enabled, it will block all the pop-up ads to give you an amazing ads-free streaming experience.

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9 Best Anime Streaming Sites

1.) Chia Anime

Chia-Anime is among the best anime streaming site available on the internet. High uploading frequency of this site provides it with a huge edge over other similar sites.

Popular anime series like Dragon Ball, Naruto and One Piece are easily available in this site. Numerous such series have English subtitles. A few are dubbed in English as well.

Having a decent interface, this site possesses various tabs (like the latest, anime, drama, manga, dubbed, etc.) to help you in discovering your favorite anime.

Chia-Anime is totally free to use with an option to register. But irrelevant and horrible ads may disrupt your experience. So an ad blocker is recommended.

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Click to visit Chia Anime

2.) KissAnime

Kissanime,  best anime streaming sites

KissAnime is another popular anime streaming sites with thousands of popular anime series available to watch. It is well known for its regularly uploading potential among anime buffs. 

Here, you can easily find English dubbed as well as English subbed anime series. High video resolution is it’s one of many advantages.

Along with a highly effective interface, this site also includes an advanced search tab.

Registration is absolutely unimportant. As this site is not legal in many parts of the world, you should opt for a highly secure VPN.

Click to visit KissAnime

3.) AnimeFreak


AnimeFreak is also an amazing streaming site for anime fanatics. Many high popular anime series are accessible without paying a cent from your pocket.

High-resolution anime are a treat for your eyes. English dubbed and subbed anime is also available. Regular update is one of its many promising features.

Homepage is beautifully designed, helping you discover your favourite series, with a search bar on the top. Its android app is also available in the app store.

You are not required to register your account before watching any series. Also, the website is completely free to use.

But to prevent multiple horrible ads, you should go for an ad blocker.

Click to visit AnimeFreak

4.) GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is another worth mentioning site for watching online anime. This site is famous for its huge anime database.

Several old but popular anime series are easily available on this site. The site is designed in a user-friendly way.

This worldwide accessible site provides its user with an option to download their favourite anime online.

Homepage is well-composed, with a search bar on the top of it. Registration is also not required in order to stream anime here.

Click to visit GoGoAnime

5.) Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet, best anime streaming sites

Anime-Planet provides its users with more than 4500 legal anime series supported by the industry.

The homepage is well customized, containing several tabs for your comfort. Recently uploaded anime, popular anime of the week and popular manga series of the week are directly accessible through the homepage.

With its unending list of anime series, you can easily discover your favourite one. Anime are also subbed and dubbed in English.

This site allows its users to create a playlist of anime watched by them. Popular and trending anime are available in high video resolution.

Registration process is not mandatory, but the site proposes some other advantages after registering.

Streaming is completely free. Little bit of irrelevant ads are there. So you can go for an ad blocker.

Click to visit AnimePlanet

6.) 9Anime

9Anime is another leading anime streaming site that is quite popular among anime enthusiasts. Much popular anime is subbed as well as dubbed in English.

With more than 40 genres of anime available(like horror, comedy, romance, parody, sports, adventure and etc.), this site is well known for its fast uploading frequency.

Having a dark and a light theme, this site is accessed in many parts of the world.

This site is being faked by .xyz and .vip domains. Streaming on such sites is quite risky as you may lose your account info. So, ensure to use a genuine 9Anime site.

It is completely free to stream. Registering your account is insignificant. Just go and stream your favorite series.

Although it is completely safe to use this site, using an effective ad blocker is highly recommend.

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Click to visit 9Anime

7.) AnimeBam

Due to its decent look and elegant background, Animebam is greatly placed in the hearts of many anime lovers.

All animes are available in HD. Most of them are subbed and dubbed in English for English speaking users. Thousands of anime are available for free.

This site holds the place for possessing the best mobile-friendly interface. Homepage allows you to directly jump into several categories.

Regular and fast upload of newly released anime is its great advantage. A list of various upcoming series is also provided on the homepage.

Anime fanatics can freely stream their favourite anime, with an unnecessary option to register.

As some highly destructive ads may ruin your amazing experience, you should definitely consider using an ad blocker.

Click to visit Animebam

8.) Animeland

Animeland, best anime streaming sites

With a large amount of anime available to watch online, Animeland is another leading streaming site. Tons of anime series are ever ready to watch.

Most of the available anime series is subbed for English viewers. Much popular anime like Dragon Ball is also dubbed in English.

Its effective and mobile-friendly interface helps you a lot in discovering your favourite anime. Video quality can be extended up to 1080p.

Again, like the above-mentioned sites, this is also free to use. Registration is also not compulsory. However, you can create your account to earn other exciting benefits.

This site is entirely illegal and thus banned by numerous authorities of the world.

To access this website in your country, you can opt for an effective VPN service.

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Click to visit Animeland 

9.) Animeheaven

Animeheaven is also an excellent streaming site that is able to secure its place in the list of top anime streaming sites.

Thousands of anime series are ready to watch without paying any money.

The best part about this site is it’s responsive and at attractive theme.

Users are also provided with an option to switch between the black and the white theme, according to their wish.

Homepage is well organised with a link of their previous domain i.e. animeheaven.eu.

Having a mobile-friendly interface, this site is secured with an SSL certificate by Cloudflare.

Animeheaven offers no restrictions on the quantity of anime being watched by you. Famous anime series like One Piece, Naruto and Hunter X Hunter are unrestricted to stream.

Although the site is completely free and requires no registration, irrelevant and nasty ads are going to damage your experience. You must go for a useful ad blocker like CyberSec.

Click to visit Animeheaven


Japanese anime and manga series is evolving as a great source of entertainment since recent times.

But finding such anime streaming site is a frustrating task as there are many fake sites available on the internet.

Such fake sites tend to collect and leak your account information and other personal data. So it is required to stream through a genuine site (mentioned above).

We hope that this article would help you in finding the best online anime streaming site for you. The above-mentioned are some of the best available sites.

All of these sites are completely free. You can enjoy tons on anime online, without paying anything in return.

But some disturbing and violent advertisements may cause you discomfort.

If you want to stream ad-free, you must go for a good quality AD BLOCKER.

It can prevent such ads to demolish your anime streaming experience.

Most of these sites are illegal and banned in various countries. So using a VPN is very necessary in such cases.

Registering your account on these sites is also not necessary. Just plug your earphones and enjoy the streaming.


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