From the past few years, online streaming sites are growing like nothing else. Hundreds of such streaming sites are emerging on a weekly basis.

This cutthroat competition is directly helping the users as they are getting a hell lot of options to stream high-quality movies.

Subsmovies is one such site allowing its users to freely stream movies and TV shows without even registering their account. Not limited to a particular genre, the site is having new as well as old movies too. The highly organized site is famous for its subtitles, which are available in more than 20 languages.

Today we will discuss about the safety and legality of Subsmovies along with some of the best alternative sites like Subsmovies where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows totally free of cost.

Is Subsmovies safe?

As it is an established fact that advertisements are the major earnings source of such sites so these are not completely ad-free.

But the best thing about this site is that it doesn’t show ads while streaming a movie. The site is just having limited on-click ads.

But some potentially hazardous ads are there, which are sufficient enough to destroy your device’s safety.

So while operating such sites, you should use an efficient ad-blocker which helps in blocking irrelevant ads and thus securing your device.

For an Ad-Blocker, we will suggest you to go for CyberSec. CyberSec is an amazing product by NordVPN that blocks all the malicious adsdangerous websites, and unsafe connections to give you an amazing ads-free streaming experience.

Is Subsmovies legal?

No, it is completely illegal to use such sites. In fact, since its arrival on the internet in 2013, subsmovies is continuously facing several legal issues.

Since then, numerous copyright claims had pushed the site into temporary as well as permanent blockage. But each time after such bans, it’s developers bounce back by developing a sister site, assuring their user’s entertainment.

Now as these sites index copyrighted content hosted by non-affiliated third parties, these are banned by several state authorities.

Streaming on such illegal sites may cause any sort of legal action on you, depending on your country’s laws.

ut you need not worry, as using a VPN service can help you stream your favorite movies. A VPN keeps you anonymous and protect your information from online snoopers such as your ISP.

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9 best Subsmovies Alternatives


Moviesjoy, Soap2Day Alternatives

Moviesjoy has a huge database of movies and TV shows available in HD. The site offers more than 10000 movies and TV shows.

The Homepage is quite impressive and possesses two separate tabs. One for movies and the additional one for TV shows. A responsive and fast theme enhances user’s experience.

Videos are labeled as either HD or Cam (recording by camcorder in the theatre). Almost all videos are equipped with subtitles and there is no way to close them.

The site is completely free to use. If you want, you can register too. As many disastrous ads are there, you should consider using an ad-blocker.  

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Visit Moviesjoy Website



YesMovies is another great alternative to Subsmovies. If you want to stream movies online, then this is the best available site for you.

As the site contains a huge database of movies and TV shows, you can easily discover your desired one.

The movies are available in many genres such as comedy, adventure, romance, horror, etc. Movies are further labeled with the quality in which they are present.

A user-friendly interface is another great advantage. The search bar is available at the top of the homepage. Below it, several other categories are available.

This site is also free to stream and you are not required to register.

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Visit YesMovies Website



Soap2Day is also an amazing site for movie fans. Here tons of movies and TV shows are accessible to watch for free. You can easily find the latest release on the site.

The site is having a simple and straightforward design with a fast and responsive theme. The homepage is soothing to the eyes. A search bar is available at the top.

Movies and TV shows are classified into various different categories. Many highly popular TV shows are obtainable after immediate release.

The site allows you to stream online for free. Account registration is also optional.

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Visit Soap2day Website



123Movies is one of the best sites similar to SubsMovies. You can easily discover your desired title as the site is having a never-ending list of movies.

Be it a newly released film or an old classic one, you can effortlessly stream it on this site. Top trending TV shows are just a click away from you.

As the site is formulated by keeping in mind about mobile users, it has a user-friendly interface. Movies, as well as TV shows, are classified as Featured, Most Viewed, Most Favourite, Top Rating and Top IMDb.

The site is fast as well as responsive. Regular update is its another promising feature.

As the site is totally free to use, you need not to pay anything from your pocket. Just plug your headphones and enjoy your favourite movie or TV shows.

Visit 123Movies Website


Cinebloom, Lunchflix alternative

Cinebloom is another new movie streaming site where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free. This emerging site is giving a tough competition to its other rivals.

Having a decent looking and user-friendly interface, the site is quite famous among movie fanatics. Movies and TV shows are available in HD.

Thousands of movies and TV shows are available to watch without paying a single cent. The homepage features the latest movies, popular shows, and many other exciting tabs.

The site acts as a search engine to index files hosted by non-affiliated third parties. However, the site is completely ad-free.

The registration process is also not mandatory. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows without creating an account.

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Visit Cinebloom Website


LookMovie, 123movies alternatives

LookMovie is another worth mentioning alternative of SubsMovies. The site indexes tons of movies and TV shows hosted by non-affiliated third parties.

With its user-friendly interface, the site provides you with a brief description and ratings of the title you have clicked for.

Homepage is designed beautifully. Trending, Latest, Category and Genre tabs are available just below the search bar on the homepage.

Each movie and TV show is labelled with either HD or LQ for the convenience of its users.

Although the site is completely free to use and doesn’t require you to register, many horrible ads may distort your experience. Using effective ad-blocker is a must.

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Visit LookMovie Website



You should definitely try Pubfilm if you are searching for a free as well as a trustworthy online movie streaming site. This is one of the oldest movie streaming sites operating on the internet.

With a wide range of movie genres available, Pubfilm contains a large number of movies and TV shows compared to its other rival sites.

The homepage features Trending Movies, Latest Movies, Top Upcoming Movies, Latest Episodes and many other categories.

An advanced search bar is present on the homepage. The site also provides you with an option to search for movies and TV shows alphabetically.

As the site is totally free, you are not forced to create an account. Just search for your favorite movie, plug in your earphones and enjoy streaming.

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Visit Pubfilm Website



Afdah is also a highly popular online streaming site with monthly traffic of over 5 million. The site is quite famous among movie enthusiasts for its rich and varied movie database.

Besides having a clean and decent look, the site is not so good for mobile users. But it’s ending list of movies and TV shows makes it worth watching.

Many popular and trending movies are just a click away from you. The homepage is rich with different categories as well as filtering options. A search bar is also provided to search for specific films.

Account registration or sign up is also not required in order to watch films here.

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Visit Afdah Website



The list of the top movie streaming site is incomplete without mentioning Putlocker.

Launched back in 2011, the site is one of the oldest streaming sites on the internet.

By the end of 2012, the site was receiving more than a million visitors every single month.

Talking about their database, Putlocker has a huge collection of movies and TV shows which is updated every now and then with all the latest releases. Ratings and the release date is clearly specified on the thumbnail. You can also search your desired title alphabetically.

The site has encountered several piracy issues since its arrival. Several domains have been changed by the site in order to provide free streaming to their users.

If you want to avoid numerous irrelevant and terrible ads, you should consider using a high-quality ad-blocker

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Visit Putlocker Website


So this was all about a famous streaming site, SubsMovies and its other alternatives. SubsMovies is an outstanding medium to stream movies and TV shows for free.

The above-mentioned alternatives are good too. Depending upon your choice, you can opt from a wide range of options available.

But whichever streaming site you choose, you are required to go for a highly efficient ad-blocker (to block malicious ads) and a good quality VPN service (to protect and secure your identity).


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