Reddit is the world’s biggest platform to have access to information from real-time users, and the opinions are indeed quite helpful. Be it on any topic, the respondents provide actual advice on what to do ahead, and especially for the youth, there ain’t one response that isn’t available on it. 

One such topic of discussion is how to have access to games that don’t work in some countries.

The option for playing them is that a gamer has a VPN through which they can connect and play some games. But which one do you go for? Are they authentic? Also, do you go for the free ones or the paid ones? 

Well, all these answers are very much required, and guess what, we’ve got you covered! After hours of research on Reddit, we know what you are exactly looking for. Here’s a list of the 5 VPNs For Gaming According to Reddit Users.

5 VPNs For Gaming Approved By Reddit Users

1. NordVPN:

NordVPN is quite well known and is considered by users as one of the best VPNs for gaming out there. Its servers are spread all across the globe, and the strength is 5,662 servers over 59 countries. 

With around 2,501 servers in Europe, 1779 in The USA, 704 in Asian regions such as Korea & Japan, and a cumulative of 131 servers for India, Africa, and The Middle East, they surely do cover the entire globe.

From these servers, 60 of them are high-speed and make torrenting, streaming, and transfer of high bandwidth data possible. Several games swear by it because it is easy to connect with, there is no hassle, and mainly, the pricing point is pretty good. 

best vpns according to reddit users

NordVPN is considered extremely safe with its ‘no logs’ policy. It holds no past connection logs or any kind of data while you’re using it. It takes online privacy very seriously and provides you with a secure experience as well. 

There’s no room for any annoying adverts, malware, or malicious websites entering your space since they protect the users with their CyberSec Feature. CyberSec changes your IP address twice and diverts all your traffic with security. There is also one dedicated IP per user which is quite rare to see in other VPN services. So if you’re operating a game that is indeed fishy to use in your country, they got you covered no matter what. 

You can also use it for different streaming platforms such as HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and BBC iPlayer, it is compatible with all of these. There are a lot of benefits of using this VPN, and if this is what the Reddit users recommend, they are right in every single manner!

Pricing Packages:

1 Month Plan: $11.95/month.

1 Year Plan: $4.92/month.

2 Year Plan: $3.71/month.

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2. ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN is the second most-loved VPN on Reddit and there are several people swearing by it for the blazing fast speed this platform is able to provide. Another reason why it has such following is that it is easily accessible in a few minutes, and is also very affordable. 

With over 3,000 servers, in 160 VPN server locations, across 94 countries, its reach is truly excellent. ExpressVPN can easily hide your real IP address, and at the very same time, it can merge it with the rest of the traffic. 

The VPN uses one of the most powerful military-grade technology, known as the AES 256-bit encryption standard used by the US government as well. The same kind of technology is also adopted in different parts of the world. 

With this, it can encrypt all kinds of traffic between their servers and your device. Also, it has a Perfect Forward Secrecy measure through which no hacker can ever decrypt your data in real-time or even from your past gaming sessions. 

For gaming, it is a highly secure platform that is compatible, provides great speeds, and another great thing is that it works with Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc. So you can also stream content if not playing games. 

If you’re someone who is interested in going through all the games across the world that don’t provide access in your country, this might be your way to go to. 

Pricing Packages:

1 Month Plan: $12.95/month.

6 Month Plan: $9.99/month.

12 Month Plan: $6.67/month

3. ProtonVPN

A Swiss-based VPN service, proton might not be as good as the ones presented above, but they sure are pretty great in their field. It is a vast global server network that has a secure core since Switzerland has huge privacy laws when it comes to the protection of the users. 

With over 600 servers in 40+ countries, it can surely be the way to go since it is powerfully encrypted to ensure that no one gets to see your internet activities. It is equipped with AES-256 bit encryption and the key exchange is done via 4096-bit RSA. In order to ensure message authentication, HMAC and SHA384 are put to use. 

When it comes to security, ProtonVPN is quite well-known in the industry for its capability. Just like ExpressVPN, Proton also uses Perfect Forward Secrecy, hence making sure that no one is able to capture the data and work on decrypting it later in the future.

Also, it uses both OpenVPN and IKEVv2/IPSec, letting you ensure that your activities are in the hands of the safest protocol in the world. The servers are located in an underground data centre that belonged to the Swiss Army earlier. At least 1,000 meters below the surface, whenever the ‘just in case’ moment arrives, no harm can be caused to this VPN by any hacker ever. 

Another reason why you’d love this platform is that unlike others in the market that allow 4-6 devices to connect with one package, it allows the users to have access to the VPN via 10 devices. 

ProtonVPN is mainly recommended by those Redditors who no matter what they want to play or how they want to use it, won’t let their security under compromisation. If you’re also someone who is mainly scared to use VPNs for privacy, then you can close your eyes and trust them. 

Pricing Packages:

Basic Plan: €4.00/month.

Plus Plan: €8.00/month.

Visionary Plan: €24.00/month.

4. MullvadVPN:

A lot of Reddit users literally vouch for this VPN, and there is a definite reason behind why they do so. It might not be the biggest name in the industry, or as a matter of fact, it’s not even quite well-known. But, people love using it for its super cost-effective plans and the uncompromising standards of encryption it provides whilst having a great level of privacy. 

Mullvad may not be providing services like NordVPN or ExpressVPN, but it surely does have a few hundred servers spread across locations. It offers a strict no-logs policy and allows the users to generate accounts that are completely anonymous. Another reason why Mullvad is loved is that for those who are not into VPNs too much, this is a good start with unrivalled privacy. 

MullvadVPN, best vpns for gaming according to reddit users

It has generated random account numbers of all its users, so that there is no fuss or chance of leakage of data, keeping them safe and secure. On the other hand, the platform is very simple and basic, which is why people feel so comfortable using it. 

A smaller reach helps it attain permanent clients since all accounts are kept in focus. Reddit users who don’t have enough time to figure out everything related to VPN, recommends Mullvad VPN.

Pricing Packages:

Overall Plan: €5.00/month.

5. Surfshark:

Most of the Reddit users who want to have access to fast, reliable, and extremely cost-effective VPNs are crazy for Sufshark. Especially the gamers who are not only looking forward to playing games but are also looking for the cheapest options possible, this is their go-to platform. 

It isn’t so that just because it’s reasonable it cannot offer industry-standard services. Surfshark uses the very well known AES-256 GCM encryption and increases the safety and security bar via IKEv2/IPsec VPN

It hides the IP address of the users and doesn’t let anyone surpass the VPN connection in order to go ahead and decrypt the link. With its multihop feature, you get to connect to multiple countries at the very same time, all while keeping IP a secret. 

Surfshark VPN, 5 Best VPN's for gaming according to reddit users

It does not track, monitor, or take a look at your activities, hereby following a strict no-logs policy. The VPN service also offers amazing DNS leak protection and also have IPv4 Stack present for each of their server. 

Overall, if you’re someone with a low budget and want a nice VPN that provides you with the desired safety and security, then Surfshark is the right one for you.

Pricing Packages:

1 Month Plan: $12.95/month. 

6 Months Plan: $6.49/month.

2 Years Plan: $2.49/month.

Is It Good For You To Go After A Free VPN?

To be very honest, there is no such thing that is known as a ‘free’ VPN. Either way, you’re a potential client for them whom they are putting a feed in order to get you into their services. But if you actually find a platform that is offering you free services with no T&C, understand why.

It is very expensive to run a VPN, and it’s also not easy to maintain it at all in any way. If a VPN isn’t able to manage or cover their costs, there is definitely a compromisation in the security. Your connection isn’t going to be a hundred per cent secure, and there is something dicey.

But apart from this, there are also a few different reasons why free VPN won’t work for you:

  • Unnecessary advertisements, that would be related to your searches whilst using VPN.
  • Your data is used for advertising and marketing, leaving no privacy at all.
  • Personal information such as payment details being sold to third parties.
  • Having your device as an escape plan for the paid subscribers, leaving you completely open. 
  • Slow data speed and limited bandwidths, not having the desired connection.
  • Works only for a few minutes, starts troubling ahead, leaving no scope of usage.

These are not our opinions, but every 9/10 users would say the same for free VPNs. These make no sense, are completely baseless to opt for, and in the end, would always interrupt your gaming sessions. Let’s be practical, why would they give us something so expensive to maintain for free?

Things To Look For When Choosing A VPN For Gaming

Now that we are going through the pretty helpful recommendations provided by the Reddit users who are experienced in gaming, let us know the basic factors to look after before going for a VPN. 

You might be thinking that the VPN is affordable, provides all basic facilities, then what else do you need? Well, these are the important factors to take care of:

Prevents DDoS Attacks

There are even several gamers out there who would take unpredictable steps to know the opponent’s playing style, and that’s when these attacks take place. With exposed servers, it becomes easier to identify and place their attacks. A VPN must guard you against this. 

Faster Speeds

Not every VPN is able to provide the perfect speed for gaming, and slow connections end up with high ping issues. Look out for VPNs that can provide great speeds, just like the ones present in this list. 

Lifts Up Geo-Restrictions

Usually, people want to use VPNs only for games that are inaccessible in their country. A good VPN must lift up this restriction and should provide you with an IP address that doesn’t belong to the local areas. 

Services Worth The Price

Remember to look for 100% DNS protection and highly encrypted IP addresses if you’re paying for the VPN. There is no such thing known as moderate security it has to be protected completely or your searches are a product to hack. What you paid for should be provided.

In Conclusion: These VPNs Can Be An Excellent Choice! 

Looking for different factors at the very same time can be exhausting, with keeping the safety, security, pricing, encryption, and all these factors at the same time. But these VPNs, recommended by the Reddit users who are hooked to gaming every day are the best solution for you and your desire to play games that are inaccessible.

Based on your requirements, you can find what you’re looking for in these 5 best VPNs for gaming according to Reddit users, subscribe to these, and you’re absolutely good to go!


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