Cartoons are always entertaining to watch. Remember our childhood days, when we all enjoyed watching them repeatedly. All thanks to the internet, where sites like CartoonCrazy facilitates us to cherish those good old days of our life.

Here, parents are entitled to choose cartoon shows from a wide range of categories, for their children. Not only for kids, but the site also supports a vast array of TV programs for adults.

The enthralling trend of animes has contributed a lot to the growth of this online cartoon streaming industry. Now, parents are more desperate to watch their favorite anime shows, than their young ones.

CartoonCrazy is a great place to visit for your favorite cartoon as well as anime shows. As the site enlists more than 25000 free episodes, it is a worthwhile choice and deserves to be bookmarked.

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Is CartoonCrazy safe to use? How to visit the site safely?

As of now, CartoonCrazy is a completely safe and secure site to watch cartoons online. However, the site is solely depending on advertisements as a source of income.

So, in my opinion, it is not a wise decision to visit the site without the installation of adblocking software.

And one more thing. As these sites tend to violate copyright laws framed by numerous authorities, they may suffer temporary or permanent restrictions from any specific location.

That is why you can’t use the site at those locations unless you are equipped with a decent VPN SERVICE.

Also, it is a good practice to use a VPN as the government keeps on monitoring your activities like what you are downloading or what you are streaming on these sites.

For a good VPN service, we recommend you NordVPNNordVPN is considered an industry leader when it comes to protecting your presence online. It provides you Military-Grade encryption, DNS Leak Protection, Double VPN, CyberSec (A perfect ad-blocker), and a lot more features to safeguard your online presence.

Steps to Visit CartoonCrazy with NordVPN

  1. Go to and set up an account.
  2. Select your Plan and preferred Payment method.
  1. Download NordVPN client to your system. For Android and iOS users, just download the app from your respected stores. Others can refer to this link and download it according to their system.
  2. Once you download it, Launch the client and log in.
  3. Establish a secure VPN connection by selecting any NordVPN server.
  4. For CyberSec, just go to the settings menu and enable the CyberSec feature by clicking the OFF option.
  5. Once CyberSec is enabled, it will block all the pop-up ads to give you an amazing ads-free streaming experience.

Now that you have set up NordVPN, you can freely visit CartoonCrazy and watch your favorite cartoons without worrying about anything.

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9 best CartoonCrazy alternatives and Similar Sites

Before heading into the conversation about the best alternatives to CartoonCrazy, I want to make it clear that CartoonCrazy is a complete package for a cartoon enthusiast.

Still, as the site is not available all the time on the internet, it becomes crucial to be aware of its wonderful alternatives. That is why we had curated a list of top 9 cartoon streaming substitutes of the CartoonCrazy site.

1.) Kimcartoon

Kimcartoon, Cartooncrazy alternatives

Kimcartoon is one of the most promising alternatives to CartoonCrazy which tends to offer several fascinating cartoons and anime shows.

Although the site retains a mobile-friendly interface, its desktop mode is more compact than the mobile version, where you can find top cartoon shows of the day, week, and month in three different sections.

With the help of its endless list of distinguished cartoon shows, you can easily discover and watch your favorite ones. Meanwhile, if any specific show is unavailable on the platform, you can make a request to upload it.

Aside from this, Kimcartoon also encourages the reading of beautifully formulated comics. Many outstanding Japanese mangas and Asian dramas are a treat to the viewers.

Visit Kimcartoon Website

2.) Kisscartoon

Similar to Kissanime (which is a prominent website to watch animes online), Kisscartoon is one of the foremost sites to visit for streaming cartoons online.

This CartoonCrazy alternative is one of the leading names in the online streaming industry. Along with many middle-aged individuals, the site is highly popular among high school children.

Its homepage is provided with four different tabs namely Newest Episode, Most Viewed, Most Rated, and Most Favorited cartoons. You can directly filter and watch any shows with the help of these tabs.

You will be glad to know that the site also has several cartoon movies that are categorized under their type, genre, release year, and status. Moreover, a huge library of prominent anime series makes the site worthwhile to explore.

Visit Kisscartoon Website

3.) Watch Cartoons Online

Watch Cartoons Online is another great website to seek for premium anime series and cartoon shows. As the name suggests, Watch Cartoons Online allows you to watch cartoon episodes online.

This streaming alternative to CartoonCrazy carries a boring and unappealing interface, which in turn, increases the bounce rate of the web address. But still, due to its vast collection of quality content, the place is receiving millions of visitors on a monthly basis.

With the help of their starting alphabet, animes can be picked instantly into streaming. For the aid of thousands of non-Japanese viewers, episodes are subbed as well as dubbed in English.

Interestingly, the site with all such premium features is completely free to stream. Here, you can watch an unlimited number of cartoon shows at zero cost.

Visit Watch Cartoons Online Website

4.) Toon Jet

Toonjet, CartoonCrazy alternative

If you are looking for a free and reliable source of high-quality online cartoon shows, then Toon Jet is a must-visit place for you.

You can watch free cartoons and relive your childhood moments with kids cartoon on the Toon Jet website. Just browse through the library of hundreds of classic cartoon titles and discover the best one for yourself.

Although signing up with the site is not mandatory, but once you are registered with the site you get- your own profile page, to comment on cartoons, to rate cartoons, to add cartoons to your favorites, private messaging, and many more.

The only thing I do not like about the site is the fact that Toon Jet lacks a mobile-friendly interface and is only optimized for desktop users. However, you can get its android app from the Google Play Store.

Visit Toon Jet Website

5.) Anime Toon

With its huge collection of impressive cartoon and anime shows for the viewers of all the age groups, Anime Toon truly deserves a spot in the list of best CartoonCrazy alternatives.

Similar to Toon Jet, the site also contains a desktop-friendly interface. Thousands of cartoon shows are alphabetically listed on its homepage in a subtle way. You can just select and watch any of these titles.

Furthermore, a large number of episodes are neatly organized under various sections like Index, Popular, New, Recent, Ongoing, and Completed. And, in order to access your favorite shows quickly, you can free download Anime Toon’s android app.

Along with the subbed and dubbed version of some remarkable anime series, the availability of several Asian dramas (especially the Korean ones) and other online comics is commendable. In short, it is a complete set of entertainment for cartoon lovers.

Visit Anime Toon Website

6.) CartoonsOn

CarrtoonsOn is another popular cartoon streaming alternative to CartoonCrazy where you can binge-watch all your favorite cartoon episodes without paying out anything.

Here, you can watch cartoons in high definition in all devices. No matter what do you prefer to use. Whether it’s your personal computer, laptop, or smartphone. Nevertheless, a reasonable internet connection is a must for an incredible streaming experience.

This alternative to CartoonCrazy has featured top-rated animatic masterpieces of Walt Disney, Hanna Barbera, Warner Bros, Marvel Comics, Universal Pictures, Cartoon Network, Pixar, Anime and several other entertainment studios.

Also, you can filter episodes on the basis of the cartoon characters starred on them. Mickey Mouse, Tom, and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, Spider-Man, The Lion King, Ben 10, and Batman are some of the most popular examples.

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7.) DisneyNow

If you are looking for a genuine source of online cartoon shows, then DisneyNow is the right place where you can watch endless cartoon movies and shows for free. Almost every season of the famous cartoon shows is available to watch.

Not only for kids but the site contains cartoons for all ages. DisneyNow allows you to create your personalized experience. Also, everyone can have their own profile.

It is one of the best sites where you can peacefully stream your favorite cartoons, whenever and wherever you want. There is no need to wait for your favorite toons on the television.

The site also possesses a hell lot of online games and Disney’s originals movies. But the bad news is that the site only offers cartoon videos to the users located within the United States and its territories. But with the help of a VPN service, this problem can be resolved easily. 

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8.) 9Anime

9Anime is another promising alternative to CartoonCrazy which tends to offer a variety of different anime and cartoons shows for kids. I personally felt contented with the amount of content preserved by the site.

For individuals interested in watching famous Japanese titles, this is the best available site. One can find a wide range of genres of animes including cars, comedy, fantasy, horror, music, parody, sports, thriller, and vampire.

Top trending animes of the day, week and month are featured in three different segments. Also, you can either register your mail address or visit the site regularly to stay updated about what happens next in your favourite shows.

9Anime is one of such sites which can easily fulfil your cartoon demands. It is free to use the site and you will actually save a lot more money if you watch online cartoons for free.

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9.) Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon, CartoonCrazy alternative

Nickelodeon is one of the pioneers of cartoon streaming options. Nickelodeon has its own broadcasting TV channel but there is no need to watch cartoons there as you can freely access them through the site.

Relevant cartoons for the people of all ages and generations are available to watch. These toons offer a bit of relaxation to the elders and some education to the children. All of the cartoon episodes can be seen through any browser on your pc, laptop, or mobile.

It is one of the most addictive cartoon streaming portals of the web which is also a great stress-busting source. Without hesitation, you can watch whatever you want.

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Honestly, we all enjoy watching our favorite cartoons in our spare time. Especially children enjoy watching them after finishing their homework.

Hopefully, the article has assisted you in learning much about some amazing alternatives to the CartoonCrazy site where you can watch all your favorite cartoons for free.


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