Are you looking for ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites or some of its decent alternatives, for downloading torrents? If yes, then stick to this page as in this article, we are going to cover everything that you need to know about ExtraTorrent.

What is ExtraTorrent?

ExtraTorrent is one of the oldest torrenting platforms that not only allows you to download favorite torrents but also gives you a place where you can upload files for others.

Lately, ExtraTorrent was the second-largest torrenting website of the world. It was visited by millions of torrent seeking individuals. From the past 10 years, the site is exponentially growing as a hub of torrent lovers.

Much similar to the other torrenting sites, ExtraTorrent also contains a huge directory of well-known movies, games, applications, software, anime, and music. And, you will be surprised to find that the site also features ebooks of various categories.

Extratorrent Proxy/Mirror Sites

Working as a bridge between you and the actual website, these mirror sites allow you to avail of all the benefits of your destination site. Likewise, these proxies of ExtraTorrent can also be used in case if the real site is blocked in your location.

9 Best ExtraTorrent alternatives  

1The Pirate Bay

7 best YTS alternatives

Well, if you are exploring the world of torrent files from the past few years, you must have heard about the Pirate Bay. It is one of the foremost sites that can be visited any time in search of all kinds of torrents. From movies to TV shows, applications to software, music to games, this site has all such required content.

Exploring torrents from its huge database is quite easy, thanks to its uncluttered designed and highly customized interface. Within a few seconds, you can find your needed files with the help of its powerful search tool.

Undoubtedly, The Pirate Bay can be considered as the undisputed king of the torrenting industry. What a lot of people (including me) like about the site is that unlike some of its competitors, it does not host fake content files.

Visit the Pirate Bay Website


Torlock alternatives

YTS website is specifically designed to host high-quality movie torrent files. It is constantly being toured by movie enthusiasts in search of well-known movie titles. Thus, if you are looking for a dedicated site that indexes movies and only movies, then this is the ideal place for you.

Despite its competition with many out and out movie streaming platforms, YTS has managed to create a space for itself. This is because of the fact that it is a complete website and offers several unique features that others don’t have.

The website is rich in new releases as well as classic old titles. Most of the titles featured on this site are available either in HD or in ultra HD resolution. Surely, the site does not compromise in the quality at any cost. 

Visit the YTS Website



RARBG is also a great peer to peer file sharing platform through which you can watch, download and share a large number of content related to movies and TV shows, music, software, games, and applications. Moreover, movie trailers are also incorporated by their team.

Its massive popularity can be analyzed quickly by the amount of traffic it receives on a monthly basis. The site offers its fantastic services for free and you need not pay anything out in return.

Other than this, if you are aspiring for a mobile-friendly torrenting website, then, unfortunately, RARBG will disappoint you. The site does not have a mobile-friendly user interface. This is the major drawback of this web address.

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Visit RARBG Website


Limetorrents, YTS alternative

Having an extensively rich collection of verified torrent files, LimeTorrents is one of the safe sites through which you can download and share torrents without caring too much about the safety risk.

LimeTorrent’s powerful search engine crawls data from a large number of search engines and provides magnet links to download torrents under the BitTorrent protocol. Interestingly, it has many other advanced features as compared to the ExtraTorrent website.

As LimeTorrents offers a straightforward user interface, searching for your favorite torrent becomes extremely simple. The site has separate categories for movies, TV shows, games, applications, and software. Such great customization makes LimeTorrents much more appealing than others.

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Visit LimeTorrents Website


Zooqle brings you the world of most amazing torrents that include popular movies and TV shows, computer applications and other advantageous software. Other than this, the torrenting alternate also offers some high-end pc games.

Perhaps, it is the best substitute to ExtraTorrent, in terms of the optimization for mobile users. It has placed the most seeded and newly released torrents on its front page. Just from there, you can download them.

Zooqle, similar to the other mentioned sites, is totally free to use. Creating an account or signing up for the site is also not necessary. Just visit the website, search for the torrents, and download files on your device. However, you can not exclude the benefits of registering.

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Visit Zooqle Website is a specialized torrent tracking website that displays the combined result of many popular torrenting sites and other private trackers. However, it is not a proper torrenting site that hosts torrents on its own. It only works as a search engine finding torrents.

It contains a comprehensive directory of more than 600 sites and invite-only trackers. These sites are ranked according to their monthly traffic and ratings. Using the search bar of this site, you can search from all the major unblocked torrenting sites of the world. has a collective list of torrenting sites that include 37 sites for music-related files, 27 sites for games, 17 for books, 15 for applications, 39 for animes, 24 for sports, and 234 sites for other miscellaneous categories.

Visit Website

7 1337X

1337X, Extratorrent alternative

1337X is a website that plays the role of a search engine in crawling torrents data from several other platforms. Under the BitTorrent protocol, the alternative offers peer to peer file sharing.

If you have tried every bit of your knowledge but still not able to find a genuine site that gives you access to several paid applications, then you must try this website, for at least once. It lets you download such paid software for free. 

Similar to what other alternatives contains, 1337X also has an excellent collection of music, games, movies, software and applications. Moreover, if you are an anime lover, you will definitely like its huge array of animes.

Visit 1337X Website

8Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is another leading alternative to ExtraTorrent that delivers a great range of torrents including movies, TV shows, games, anime, and other torrents.

It is extremely easy to access, thanks to its straightforward and organized interface. Various kinds of torrents are available on the homepage. However, similar to the RARBG, Kickass Torrents is also not so mobile-friendly.

Although you can freely use the site without registering, registration has its own merits. Once you sign up for the platform, it constantly shows you notifications about the latest news and updates.

Visit the Kickass Torrents Website


EZTV torrenting site tends to offer an endless database of popular TV shows. When it comes to TV shows, this is indeed a great alternative to the ExtraTorrent website.

The site is equipped with a large variety of TV shows belonging to various categories such as adventure, drama, comedy, sci-fi, history and space. Certainly, you will get each and every episode of your desired TV series.

EZTV’s collection of TV shows has been updated frequently by the owners. Newly broadcasted TV serials are uploaded much faster than what you can expect.

Visit the EZTV Website

10 Torrent Project

Torrent Project, Extratorrent alternative

Torrent Project is counted among the most visited website that contains thousands and thousands of valid torrent download links. You can find your desired torrents by just typing it on the search bar.

Its meta-search engine is one of the fastest search engines of the internet. The site features more than 100 million active torrent files, that can be downloaded with the help of a few clicks.

Responsive design and the fast loading speed is the highlighting feature of the Torrent Project site. However, it is not the best-suited site for mobile uses.

Visit Torrent Project Website

Never Use ExtraTorrent Without a VPN

Torrenting sites are a hub of malware that might affect your system. Also, several internet service providers are also found indulged in your online tracking, which might be the cause of legal actions against you.

To be on a safer side, the use of a reputable VPN is a must. There are a lot of VPN providers out there, but not everybody guarantees your safety. A lot of cases in the past have happened where a VPN service provider leaked ten’s and thousands of people data due to data breach. So, strictly stay away from those VPN’s.

For a good VPN service, we recommend you NordVPNNordVPN is considered an industry leader when it comes to protecting your presence online. It provides you Military-Grade encryption, DNS Leak Protection, Double VPN, CyberSec (A perfect ad-blocker), and a lot more features to ensure your safety online.


So, this was all about ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites and alternatives. If anyhow Extratorrent is blocked in your area then you can use the above alternatives or you can simply use a VPN service to unblock it. I hope the article helped you in finding a good torrenting alternative to the ExtraTorrent website.


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