Thousands of movie enthusiasts regularly visit Flixtor in search of the newly released movie titles and web series. But unfortunately, many of them have to return disappointed as the site has been blocked in their country. That is why we are going to tell you about the 7 best alternatives to Flixtor that contain a large number of entertaining titles for you.

What is Flixtor?

Flixtor is a well-known online streaming site that is known to have a great collection of popular Hollywood and Bollywood movies and TV shows. With the help of its rich and varied database, you can find all kinds of movies that you are interested in.

The website offers movies from a wide range of genres including action, adventure, horror, comedy, sci-fi, documentary, war, thriller, sports, mystery, tragedy and romance. You can either watch the movie titles online or download them to watch later.

Flixtor also keeps you updated with the newly released web series. It pirates the TV shows within a few hours of their broadcasting. As long as you are using the website, you are not required to spend your hard-earned money on the paid streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Flixtor Proxy/ Mirror Sites

Similar to the other online streaming sites, Flixtor is also available in multiple domain names. Below is a list of all the popular working domains of the Flixtor website.

Flixtor movie streaming site has risen incredibly from the past few years. Amused by its growth, various fake Flixtor websites also came out on the internet. These phoney websites actually contain much wildly damaging malware.

So if you are searching for Flixtor, make sure that you only use those domains that are mentioned above. I repeat, never ever visit any of the fraud sites.

Is Flixtor safe? How to visit Flixtor safely?

No, Flixtor isn’t safe at all. Without a VPN, you can not think of accessing the platform.

Flixtor and the other streaming websites similar to it generate their revenue through a large number of online ads that are being displayed on their web place.

As these sites are entirely dependent on ads for managing their expenses, they don’t really care much about the online security of their users. The malicious ads shown on the websites may corrupt your device. So, it is always recommended to use a good ad-blocker while using these sites.

Another thing, Flixtor is banned in different areas around the world for distributing copyrighted protected movie content. So, there is no doubt that many of the ISP’s and government organizations might be tracking their user’s activity while they are using such sites.

Although, nobody has ever got a penalty on streaming copyrighted protected content, still its a good practice to use a VPN Service so that nobody can track your activities.

For a good VPN service, we recommend you NordVPNNordVPN is considered an industry leader when it comes to protecting your presence online. It provides you Military-Grade encryption, DNS Leak Protection, Double VPN, CyberSec (A perfect ad-blocker), and a lot more features to ensure your safety online. NordVPN makes it impossible for anyone to track you and drafts it easy for you to stream your favorite shows online.

7 Best Flixtor Alternatives and Similar Sites

Other than Flixtor, there are various amazing online streaming sites out there that offer premium services for free. So without beating about the bush, let’s just dive into the list.



Our first streaming alternative to Flixtor is none other than the well-known site called Popcornflix. It offers a superb collection of both newly arrived as well as the most popular movies to watch. It was created for those individuals who are interested in watching great movies for free.

Popcornflix is an easy to use movie destination on the web. Here you will find all kind of movies. Several action-packed movies, horror-comedies and romantic thrillers are available on this website.

Though the website is greatly optimized, yet its android app deserves your attention too.  Popcornflix is also supported in Amazon TV, Roku, Xbox, iOS and Apple TV. And above all, the web place rarely drops any ad before you. It is ad-free to a large extent.

Visit the Popcornflix Website


Subsmovies, Flixtor alternative

Subsmovies is one of the pioneers of the online movie streaming industry that needs no introduction. As it contains movies in various prominent languages of the world, it is constantly being visited by movie enthusiasts from all over the world.

The popular streaming web place is a complete package for cinema lovers. It contains almost all kinds of movies that can make you laugh, make you cry, horrify as well as inspire you. You will surely find the best pick for yourself once you enter into the site.

And do you know that the best feature of the Subsmovies website is highlighted in its name? As the name suggests, Subsmovies provides movies and TV series along with the subtitles. So in case, any movie title is not available in your native language, you can take help from the subtitles.

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Visit Subsmovies Website

3 Project Free TV

Project Free TV is the next alternative to Flixtor that offers both movies as well as TV shows to its users. With its beautifully designed interface, the exceptional streaming website takes online movie streaming into the next level.

The Flixtor alternative has uploaded all the episodes of popular TV shows including The Vampire Diaries, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, The Modern Family, True Blood and The Walking Dead.

As the website only indexes those content that is hosted by the third party sites on their own server, you are required to follow the links to those websites so that you can watch your favourite movies or TV shows from there. Although the main website is free of misleading and intrusive ads, you may encounter a few on the third-party websites.

Visit Project Free TV Website


Moviesjoy, Flixtor Alternatives

MoviesJoy lets you watch high-quality movies online without paying anything from your pocket. With over 10000 movies and TV shows, the website enjoys one of the largest streaming libraries of the internet.

Its homepage contains two separate tabs for movies and TV shows. According to your needs, you can easily switch between the two categories. Once you get the title you are looking for, you can either stream it online or download it on the storage of your device.

While discovering the website we found that its only real downside is the existence of numerous pop-up and on click ads. But still, it claims to be an ad-free streaming option. Consequently, like other free streaming outlets, you will also encounter ads in MoviesJoy website.

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Visit MoviesJoy Website

5 Putlocker


Putlocker movie streaming website allows you to binge-watch all your favourite movies for free. Despite being one of the oldest streaming giants it is still working quite efficiently.

Putlocker’s minimalist interface is greatly optimized. Even for a new user, it is not that difficult to find his desired titles. It enables you to filter them on the basis of their genre, country and IMDb ratings. Such broad categorization always proves fruitful to the viewers.

Since the past few years, Putlocker has evolved as a place that showcases the brilliant filmmakers of the future. And if you can ignore the bombardment of pop up ads, then there is nothing much to complain about the website.

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Visit Putlocker Website



Primewire is just an amazing website that provides you with a seemingly endless list of popular movies and TV series. It offers entertaining titles in different video resolutions such as SD, HD and CAM.

The alternative is known to have one of the most advanced search tools that are equipped with many search filters. It has a unique feature through which you can have a look upon the top-watched content of the website.

Primewire stores a large number of movies that are subbed in more than 45 well-known languages of the world. Here, it is important to note that it offers both free as well as premium service.

Visit Primewire Website


Our last Flixtor alternative of this list, AZMovies, provides the viewers with an extremely rich selection of movies and TV shows. You are not even required to create an account to enjoy your favourite movies.

Without any limits, you can freely watch your favorite movies online. To find the best movie or TV show to watch, you can use its powerful search tool. Otherwise, a large number of trending titles are also featured at its homepage.

It huge directory of content includes classic Western hits, influential documentaries, new web series, cartoon films and popular Asian dramas. Your favourite movie titles are just a couple of clicks away from you. 

Visit AZMovies Website


So, it was all about Flixtor and its 7 best alternatives where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent website but the constant restrictions that are being imposed on the site make it necessary for you to look for some other alternatives.


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