If you are seeking for a place to read mangas online, then MangaFox is there for you. The site is very famous among manga lovers as it offers thousands of popular Japanese mangas.

With a user-friendly interface, the site contains more than 8000 well-known manga titles. As the site is updated regularly, it becomes quite easy for you to discover new mangas.

Unlike many other sites that feature mangas only in Japanese, MangaFox also delivers their English translation. Moreover, the best part about this site is that there are no subscription charges. You can freely access your favorite manga series without worrying about anything.

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Is MangaFox safe to use?

MangaFox shares other artist’s content to its readers and make money from them. Although the site is quite decent, its choice of ad partner is worse.

The site is occupied with terrible on click ads. Those ads are nothing more than a scam. Such ads are always in an attempt to download malware in your system. Using an Ad-Blocker is highly recommended while accessing these sites.

Is MangaFox legal?

As I mentioned earlier, online reading sites like MangaFox never upload their own original content. In fact, they do not possess any material of their own.

To be honest, it requires a lot more effort in making a manga comic, then it seems. And these sites post copyrighted content without seeking permission from the actual owners. That is why these sites are considered as unlawful.

However, using such illegal sites is not a crime at all. But if you want to stay apart from any kind of legal action, then I would suggest the use of an effective VPN service,while surfing on these sites.

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9 Best Alternatives of MangaFox

As MangaFox is full of irrelevant ads, you might consider using some alternatives. Below are some of the best sites like MangaFox that are completely free to use and requires no account registration.

1.) Mangareader

Mangareader, Mangafox alternative

Mangareader is probably the best alternative to Mangafox. It offers a large collection of trending Japanese mangas. Such a huge amount of content is not limited to a website. Its manga reader app is also available in the app store.

The site is rich in a wide range of genres. Popular mangas are listed in a separate section. Meanwhile, it provides you with updates on a daily basis. You are also allowed to discover your desired title with the help of a search bar.

Besides popular mangas, different anime series and the latest hentai games are available too. Lack of a mobile-friendly interface is a big downside of Mangareader. As the site is entirely free to use, you may face some irritating pop-up ads.

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2.) Kissmanga

Kissmanga is one of the most famous sites to read mangas online. The site contains a huge library of popular and trending mangas. Its homepage has shortcut tabs for New Mangas, Trending Mangas, and Popular Mangas. You can directly access them through these tabs.

Mangas from numerous genres like action, adventure, comedy, cooking, drama, a slice of life, and tragedy are featured in the site. A short synopsis of the mangas is also provided so that you can get aware of the story you are looking for. 

Kissmanga serves the option to stream famous anime series. It would be a great choice for anime lovers. Moreover, you can read different novels with the help of this site.

The site features a community where you can interact with your fellow readers. Exchange of views regarding any manga series is quite helpful for the observers. You can also share your favorite mangas with others.

Undoubtedly, the site deserves a shot.

Visit KissManga Website

3.) MangaPanda

MangaPanda is one of the leading websites to read mangas online. It is filled with several mangas that are categorized into genres like demons, fantasy, horror, history, magic, and vampires. You can effortlessly access your favorite ones.

In its look and appearance, Manga Panda is very similar to Manga Reader. You may easily get confused after glancing upon the two sites.

Likewise, the site delivers new as well as older mangas. Comics are also organized in alphabetical order. It has enough potential to drag you in a completely different world of mangas.

Manga Panda is completely free to use and doesn’t compel you to create your account. However, registration can unlock other amazing elements.

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4.) Manga Here

Manga Here, Manga Fox alternative

Manga Here is probably the best platform which provides tons of mangas, without asking anything in return. The site has a huge catalog of many popular Japanese mangas.

Unlike the above-mentioned sites, MangaHere is fully optimized for mobile users. The homepage features both latest as well as trending mangas. You can also filter popular titles by their weekly rankings.

The site serves an option to bookmark your favorite mangas so that you can watch them later. This feature makes the site stand out from its competitors. Meanwhile, you can rediscover the titles with the help of your watch history.

MangaHere is not just limited to reading mangas online. It contains a section called “Manga News” where you can find the latest announcement on various manga series. Moreover, the spoilers of many famous titles are also detailed.

Certainly, the site deserves your attention.

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5.) MangaFreak

As an alternative to MangaFox, MangaFreak is another great choice. It allows you to read your desired mangas for free. The registration process is not necessary at all.

All you need is to search for your favourite comics and just read them.

As the site offers hassle-free navigation through the homepage, it is loved by many manga fans. Talking about its amazing interface, the site has a classic black background which looks quite beautiful. 

You can filter mangas on the basis of different categories. Genres like gender bender, martial arts, superpower, military and supernatural are available too along with the common ones.

Many popular manga series like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Black Clover, One Punch Man, Naruto, Bleach, and Boruto are accessible free of cost. However, the site contains a lot more ads than any other counterparts.

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6.) Mangago

MangaFox alternatives

Mangago lets you read prominent mangas for absolutely free. The site is constantly emerging as a reasonable alternative to MangaFox. Like other online reading sites, MangaGo possesses a huge variety of Japanese manga series.

In this site, mangas are well organized on the basis of different genres, which is an aid to the readers. Your feed is managed according to your search preferences and recommendations are also provided consequently.

As the site is having an easy to use interface, you can locate your desired titles without putting any extra effort. The site holds a very strong community where users can ask their queries, share their views on a particular manga and examine other reviews of any series.

All these amazing features are delivered just for free. However, I strongly recommend you to create your account. This will help you in making your own personalized list of mangas. Also, you can bookmark your favorite ones to read them later.

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7.) MangaPark

MangaPark is an amazing platform to read outstanding mangas online for free. The site is a hub of thousands of Japanese comics from more than 100 genres. Yes, you read that right. A single website has about 100 genres of mangas. 

A short summary is given at the beginning of each comic. This allows you to get a brief introduction to your clicked title. Moreover, you can sort mangas on the basis of popularity and release date.

The site holds an option to bookmark your favorite titles so that you can read them again in your spare time. Furthermore, reading history assists in analyzing the mangas which have been read by you.

But there is one thing that you should be aware of. As the site also contains mature content, you must prevent young children from accessing it. 

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8.) Bato.to

Bato.to is one of those alternatives of MangaFox which is quite famous for its huge directory of mangas. It can be a good choice in case the latter one is not available at your place.

Though the site appears too complicated, it is very easy to navigate through it. You can easily find your favorite manga comic. The best part about Bato.to is that you also can search any title by the name of its author. Isn’t this impressive?

You are authorized to customize your search preference according to your needs. Mangas can be filtered on the basis of style, demographics, genres, status, ratings, chapters and languages. Translated mangas are available in more than 20 languages (Arabic, English, Greek, German, Spanish, and Indonesian, to name a few).

Bato.to is completely free to use. You are not forced to register your account. However, once you are registered to the site, you can enjoy numerous other benefits. You can bookmark any comic, access your watch history, get regular notifications, and send your feedback.

Visit Bato.to Website

9.) MangaWindow

MangaWindow, MangaFox Alternative

MangaWindow is very similar to MangaPark and Bato.to in its appearance. Probably all these sites are managed by the same staff. The site is developed to provide free mangas to the users.

Similar to the other alternatives, this site possesses a huge library of amazing Japanese mangas. Moreover, such a large number of comics are organized very beautifully. With its sleek and elegant interface, the site makes navigation too simple. You are more likely to discover your preferred titles.

Besides reading other artist’s comics, you can also upload your own series. Alphabetical listing of mangas brings convenience to the viewers. The site can be accessed anywhere, anytime and in all devices(Smartphones, Laptops or PCs).

MangaWindow brings some additional benefits too. You will not feel too much disturbance by the annoying popup ads. Moreover, you can freely express your views on the community section. And probably the most important thing is that you can access Manga Park, Bato.to and MangaWindow with a single account.

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10.) Mangastream


Mangastream is another amazing site where you can read all your favorite mangas for free. It has a huge library of manga which is updated every now and then with the latest releases.

Mangastream is a beautifully crafted website where everything is listed in a neat and clean manner. It is specially made by keeping the mobile-friendliness in mind.

The homepage features all the manga categories along with popular and freshly updated mangas. You can simply watch them without worrying about anything. Account creation is also optional. However, if you want to keep the track of what mangas you have read, get all the latest manga updates then do register an account.

Also Read: 7 Best Mangastream alternatives to read Manga online.

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So this was all about MangaFox and its amazing alternatives. All of the above-mentioned sites have enough powers to keep you engaged in browsing mangas. Advantages, as well as the downside (if any) of each and every site is provided to you. Now, it is your turn to explore each one of them.

Note: Everything mentioned above is just for an informational purpose. We do not recommend using these sites to watch or download copyright-protected content.


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