Mangastream was one of the best sites to read manga online and that too free of cost. It had a huge database of mangas where you can search for different mangas according to your needs.

Mangas of all genres were available here. Some of the popular genres include action, adventure, horror, fantasy, and more. If you were looking for the latest mangas then Mangastream was the right place for you.

But unfortunately, Mangastream had to shut down. We will discuss the reasons in the next section of the post but sadly you cannot access the original site anymore.

But not to worry as Mangastream was not the only one. To help you continue your manga reading journey, we will list some of the best sites like Mangastream in the latter part of the post where you can read your favourite mangas for free.

Why was the Mangastream website shut down?

Mangastream was one of the most visited manga websites out there. It was loved by millions of manga lovers over the internet.

Eventually, the site was receiving millions of visitors on a monthly basis. 

But in the month of December 2019, the popular manga comic website suddenly disappeared from the internet. All its social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc) too vanished. It all happened without any notice, announcement, or statement. 

Even until now, there is no official statement from the website owners regarding its disappearance. 

But many reports have claimed that the site decided to halt all its operations due to the legal issues raised by a Japanese publisher, Shueisha in the US court against them. 

It was bound to happen, one day or another. It is only due to the fact that the Mangastream website didn’t have anything of its own. It was just like a search engine that used to publish the copyrighted property of others

Is Mangastream Safe and Legal?

As such, there is not any specific safety-related issue with the Mangastream website. It is safe to use to a large extent leaving aside the presence of a few harmful ads. 

And talking about its legality, you would be sad to hear that the manga platform is not legal. It violates copyright laws by publishing the creative properties of other artists, without seeking their permission. 

How to Visit Sites like Mangastream safely?

As I have mentioned earlier, Mangastream does contain some really hazardous advertisements. These ads, in fact, can’t be called real ads. They are a bunch of fishy links that tend to download malicious software into your system. 

Not just it affects your device’s functioning but might also harm your privacy. So it is advisable to opt for a decent ad blocker before just diving into the site. 

Other than this, legal issues are also an important aspect to address. Sites like Mangastream are completely illegal and their users, including you and me, might face lawsuits for accessing them. 

That’s why it becomes very crucial to use a strong and powerful VPN that can safeguard you from legal threats by just masking your IP address.

For a VPN service, we highly recommend you to go for NordVPN. NordVPN is the best VPN service when it comes to online security. They have an inbuilt ad-blocker known as CyberSec. What CyberSec does is, it blocks all the malicious sites, ads, and unsafe connections to give you an amazing ad-free streaming experience. Other than that, they have Military-grade encryption, No Log policy, faster streaming speeds, DNS leak protection, and a lot more features to ensure your safety while streaming online.

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Mangastream Alternatives and similar sites

1. Mangakakalot

mangastream alternative

Mangakakalot is one of the most popular sites to read manga online. According to similarweb, it receives traffic of 68.3 million visitors every single month.

Mangakakalot has a nice interface where everything is listed in a neat and clean manner. On the top, you will see the menu which contains all the manga categories. Below that all the latest manga are featured.

For your convenience, all the popular mangas are featured on the sidebar. You can also search for specific mangas on the search bar given. With all these features, Mangakakalot definitely comes up as one of the best alternatives to Mangastream that you can refer to.

Visit Mangakakalot Website

2. Mangairo

Mangairo offers you a large collection of mangas to choose from. You can select mangas according to genres such as action, adventure, mystery, drama, and more.

This site features a nice layout where all the trending mangas are featured through a responsive slider. Below that you can see all the recently updated mangas.

To simplify your selection, all the trending mangas are featured on the left sidebar. So, just browse the left sidebar if you are looking for trending mangas.

Visit Mangairo Website

3. Mangareader

Mangastream alternative

Mangareader is another amazing site to read manga online. It offers you a lot of manga categories to choose from. You can even search for specific mangas in the search bar given.

On the homepage itself, you will find all the latest and popular manga updates. You can see which mangas are updated today, which mangas were updated yesterday and you can also see other manga updates.

They have a huge library of mangas, which means you are likely to find the manga you are looking for.

They also have an advanced search feature, where you can filter mangas on the basis of different options given such as genres, manga type, manga status, and more.

Visit Mangareader Website

4. Mangago

Mangastream alternatives

Mangago is a non-profit manga website where you can read your favorite mangas online without paying a single penny.

Just like Mangastream, you will find most of the latest mangas here. The homepage displays all the featured and popular mangas. There is a high chance that you will find your favorite mangas here.

Mangago offers you a lot of categories to choose from. You can select mangas on the basis of genres such as Action, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, and a lot more.

With all these features, it makes Mangago one of the best alternatives to Mangastream and a good option to look for.

Visit Mangago Website

5. MangaPanda

MangaPanda is another popular website for manga fans. Just like Mangastream, MangaPanda also offers you a lot of categories to help you select your favorite mangas.

The homepage consists of all the filtering options where you can filter mangas on the basis of genres, type, statuses such as ongoing or complete, popularity, and more.

You can also search for your favorite mangas in the search bar given. Account registration is also not required in order to read mangas here.

Visit MangaPanda Website

6. MangaFreak

Through design, MangaFreak looks a little bit complicated. I would rather say that from the layout it is not user-friendly but it does hold a huge collection of mangas that you can read for free.

You can select mangas on the basis of genres, history, new release and more. Moreover, you can also search for your favorite mangas on the search bar given.

Here, I would recommend you to use an ad-blocker as the site contains a lot of display ads. You may also experience a few pop-up ads before actually selecting a specific manga.

Visit MangaFreak Website

7. MangaOwl

MangaStream Alternative

MangaOwl is an amazing site to read manga online. This site has focussed a lot on the design to provide you the best experience.

Unlike other manga sites on the list, this site comes with a night mode. If you are reading manga at night then you can simply turn on the night mode.

The homepage consists of all the latest and newly released mangas. Once you select a manga, it will take you to the mangas page where you can see all sorts of information about that manga. Then you can select the chapter number as well as the page number from where you want to read.

Registration is also not required in order to read mangas here.

Visit MangaOwl Website

8. MangaFox

MangaFox is another well know manga reading alternative to MangaStream that contains a plethora of manga comics of various categories. All the popular Japanese comics listed on the website are totally free to use. 

You will get mangas related to romance, comedy, drama, action, school life, fantasy, adventure, shoujo, sports, and supernatural genres on this website. Such a diverse range of free-to-read comics is just unimaginable.  

The comic website posses a neat and tidy interface through which you can effortlessly navigate and discover your favorite mangas. An endless collection of mangas is effectively placed for you on its homepage. 

Visit MangaFox Website  

9. KissManga

KissManga is an exciting manga website that has just revolutionized this global industry. The website, along with many other counterparts, has played a major role in the globalization of Japanese comics. Now, mangas are not just a Japanese thing, all thanks to sites like Mangastream. 

It is one of the most beginner-friendly websites you will ever discover on the internet. Newly released manga comics are placed on the top of its homepage so that you can easily find them without too much hassle. 

Some well-known mangas available on the platform are Martial Peak, Solo Leveling, Apotheosis, Tales of Demons and Gods, Above all Gods, Versatile Mage, One Piece, and many more. 

Visit KissManga Website

10. MangaHere

Mangahere, Mangastream alternatives

MangaHere has a super-rich collection of the best comics available on the Internet. The website itself is a vast search engine where you can discover mangas from a wide range of genres. 

Just like Mangastream, Mangahere offers the best viewing experience to its readers. You can read the highest quality mangas anywhere, anytime using this website. It is among the oldest manga sites but its new version is really admirable. 

Additionally, its Android application is also there, which has tons of exciting features that its website lacks. On the app, you can download all the mangas in advance and you can also read comics without too much traffic. 

Visit MangaHere Website

11. MangaPark

MangaPark, Mangastream Alternative

MangaPark is our last pick for this extensive list of some of the best sites like Mangastream. The website exclusively provides you with all types of manga comics for absolutely free. You don’t have to pay a single penny for this. 

On the top of its homepage, you will get a collection of the most popular Japanese comics detailed on the website. This is further followed by a list of the latest manga releases. 

Another good thing that I really liked about this site is the absence of disturbing pop-up and on-click ads. You will hardly encounter such malicious ads while reading the comics. And that’s why it is preferred by many manga lovers out there. 

Visit MangaPark Website


So, this was all about some of the best sites like Mangastream where you can read your favorite mangas for free. But always remember to use an ab-blocker before visiting these sites, as you might experience lots of ads and these ads are enough to ruin your whole reading mood.


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