Putlocker was one of the most famous streaming websites that let you watch the latest movies without paying a subscription fee. Back then, it had a huge customer base. It was even ranked among the top 250 most visited websites on the internet by Alexa.

But because of piracy and distributing “free content,” it was blocked in the UK back in 2012. Since then Putlockers is seen changing its domain extension several times. Its current domain is putlocker-is.org but nobody knows how long it’s going to survive.

However, a lot of people are looking for Putlocker alternatives, so we decided to list out some of the best alternative sites like Putlockers which you can use to stream movies and tv shows, and that too free of cost.

How to stream movies online safely and anonymously?

There are lots of other sites that work on Putlockers pattern and lets you watch the latest movies and that too free of cost. But not every website is a legit website. Some websites might bring malware to your system. Also, these websites are regularly monitored by the government, so if your IP address is caught, it might lead to trouble.

To avoid these issues, we highly advise you to use a VPN service. We recommend NordVPN for its no-log policy, faster torrenting speeds, and secure connection. So, in the future, if anybody comes to NordVPN and asks for your search history, they don’t have it. They have a strict No Log Policy. So, nobody knows what you are doing on the internet. Also, NordVPN has an amazing feature called CyberSec. What CyberSec does is, it blocks all the malicious ads, unsafe connections, and malicious sites. So, you never have to worry about malicious pop-up ads as NordVPN will simply block them.

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17 Best Putlocker Alternatives and Similar sites

1.) Solarmovie

Solarmovie, Putlocker alternative

Solarmovie is a great streaming site and is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker. Because of its clean and clear interface and top-notch features, it is loved by millions of people across the globe.

Solarmovie is totally free to use. You don’t even have to subscribe/register in order to stream movies. Also, it has a large collection of movies, so you will probably get the movie you are looking for.

The menu beautifully displays all the streaming categories such as Genre, Release, Country, Last Added, Top IMDb, and more. Also, there are a lot of filtering options given so you can even filter movies according to your needs.

Such vast features, ease of use, and a beautiful interface make Solarmovie the right choice.

Go to Solarmovie website


2.) 123Movies

123Movies, Putlocker Alternative

123Movies has been out for a while, it is as famous as Putlocker. Just like Putlocker, 123Movies has also faced a lot of copyright issues. So, it also keeps changing its domain extensions in order to provide free movie streaming.

123Movies has a huge library of Movies and TV Shows along with other exclusive selections of anime, cartoons, and Asian Drama.

There are a lot of streaming categories such as New Episodes, Top Rating, Most Favourite, and a lot more to choose from. If you don’t find the movie you a looking for then you can even request them to add it.

So, if you looking for a smoother streaming experience and might not mind some display advertisements then 123Movies might be the right choice.

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Go to 123Movies website


3.) XMovies8

XMovies8, Putlocker Alternative

XMovies8 is another popular, free movie streaming site that makes it to our list. Its clean and simple-looking interface makes it different from its competitors.

Here, you only need to register if you want to watch movies in HD quality. Otherwise, if you are okay with watching movies in a little less but good quality then registration is not required.

The menu contains a list of Genres such as Adventure, Comedy, History, Kids, Drama, etc. You can even select movies on the basis of Trending, Most Viewed, and Top IMDb Rating.

So, if you are looking for a fast loading website, where you can watch movies and TV Shows in HD quality then XMovies8 is the right choice.

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Go to XMovies8 Website


4.) Popcornflix

Popcornflix describes itself as a platform where its viewers can watch free movies online and can also download unlimited films without spending any money.

Here, you can select movies on the basis of different genres, and all the movies are available in HD quality and with high downloading speeds.

Popcornflix has a large database of movies and they update it daily with the latest and freshly released movies.

So, if you are looking for a great movie streaming experience where you can watch movies according to your choice then Popcornflix is the right choice for you.

Go to Popcornflix Website


5.) WatchFree

WatchFree is a great site where you can watch all the movies and TV series online without paying a single penny. You don’t even have to sign up or subscribe to them. WatchFree is completely free to use.

They have a huge collection of movies and tv shows. You can even search for movies according to their genre, the year in which they were released, the latest movies, etc.

You can stream movies in High Quality. This site has a few pop-up ads which make it even more amazing.

Go to WatchFree Website


6.) Primewire

Primewire, Putlocker Alternative

Well, Primewire is out there for a while now. You will love this website for its huge collection of movies and TV Shows. Earlier it had a really bad interface but it seems like Primewire has done some amazing work in enhancing the user experience.

Unlike other websites, Primewire doesn’t require you to subscribe or register to them. The homepage of Primewire is pretty simple and comprises categories like Movies, TV shows, episodes, and Movie requests.

One thing I really like about Primewire is that its Movie Request feature. If you are not able to find a particular movie then you can request them by filling up a simple form that requires your email id, movie title, its release year, and a message. Once they read it, they will surely get back to you with the movie.

Most of the movies in Primewire are available in high quality and you can even select movies on the basis of Most Viewed, Top Rating, and Top IMDb rating.

Go to Primewire Website


7.) Los Movies 

Los Movies, Putlocker Alternative

Los Movies is another great alternative to Putlocker. It has a massive library of more than 100,000 movies and TV shows. Movies from almost all genres are available. You can search for your favorite movies and TV shows, or you can check out movies and TV shows that are currently trending.

In Los Movies, you have to first create a free account in order to stream movies. During registration, they will ask you to fill in your credit card details which I highly advise you to avoid. Never ever fill in your credit card details on a free movie streaming site. It’s a scam or a fraudulent thing because there is no need for credit card details on a free streaming site. Instead of Los Movies, go for these 7 Best Los Movies Alternatives and Similar Sites for 2020 that don’t require registration.

Go to Los Movies Website


8.) Popcorntime

Popcorntime, Putlocker Alternative

Popcorntime is a very popular streaming website and they claim that their service will never be taken down. Also, they have an inbuilt VPN that will hide your IP address and maintain your online anonymity while streaming.

Popcorntime is a very different website than the above-listed websites. It’s more of a desktop application rather than a website.

Here, you first need to download it on your respected platform. Download options are available for android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux32, and Linux64. After downloading the Popcorntime application you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows in it.

Go to Popcorntime Website


9.) YTS Movies

Yify Movies, Putlocker Alternative

YTS Movies is another great example of a popular streaming website that is loved by millions. Just like other websites, you will be able to download or stream movies of excellent quality.

Here, you will be able to find most of the latest released movies in HD quality. You can filter movies on the basis of top IMDB rating, genre, country, most viewed, etc.

One good thing about YTS movies is that it has a browse movie option. Here, you can search for a movie term and can even filter it on the basis of quality available for the movie, its genre, and its rating.

Go to YTS Movies Website


10.) StreamonHD


SyreamonHD is another worth mentioning movie streaming platform that enables you to watch all your favorite shows and web series online for free. 

On this website, you can peacefully explore and watch all episodes of your favorite TV shows. It is one of the most beautiful movie streaming websites that tend to promote hassle-free browsing. 

It is extremely easy to search and watch movies there. This professionally designed web place is free from malicious ads to a fairly large extent. 

Go to StreamonHD Website 


11.) MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is one of my personal favorite websites and is one of the best alternative to Putlocker that I recommend to other movie enthusiasts on the internet. I

ts continually increasing directory of the latest world cinema makes it quite an excellent choice for movie lovers like me and you. 

All the movies and TV shows listed on this site are free to stream which means without buying any premium Netflix-like subscription, you can freely enjoy all your favorite movie titles out there. 

The only thing that requires is a great internet connection. No sign-up or registration is required to watch movies on this site. 

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Go to MoviesJoy Website


12.) Movie4U

Movie4U is relatively new as compared to Putlocker, YesMovies, and some other alternatives to them. But this does not mean that the website is, in any way, less than its other counterparts. 

In fact, the newly developed site features more entertaining titles than many other popular sites. The site is specifically designed keeping in mind the problem faced by the newbies. 

Even if you are a complete beginner in this online movie streaming industry, yet you can effortlessly discover and watch your preferred movies without wasting too much time. 

Go to Movie4U Website 


13.) 5Movies


On 5Movies, you can find all the newly released movies and TV shows for free. You don’t have to waste your hard-earned money to pay the price of expensive theatre tickets. 

With the help of 5Movies, you can enjoy a theatre-like experience in the comfort of your living room. Besides popular Hollywood movies, Asian dramas, anime series, and cartoon movies are also available on the site. 

However, it lacks a mobile-friendly interface and in my opinion, this is the only major drawback of this website. But if you are a desktop user, you can visit the site without a second thought. 

Go to 5Movies Website


14.) GoStream


GoStream presents a huge directory of popular movies and TV shows before you. It lets you stream all the celebrated movies for free of cost. It features movies and TV shows in the best available quality i.e. 720p and 1080p. 

You will be glad to know that here movies are also listed based on their IMDB ratings. This amazing feature will help you in finding the top-rated picks for yourself in the quickest possible time. 

Just like Putlocker, GoStream keeps you updated with a wide range of movies from various countries around the world. This is the reason why the website enjoys millions and millions of visitors every month. Apart from that, it is also free from disastrous pop-up ads. 

Go to GoStream Website


15.) M4UFree


M4UFree is one of the most simple yet amazing movie streaming sites that you will find on the internet. It posses an easy-to-use interface that helps you in finding the perfect titles to watch. 

You can use its smart search tool to sort movies or TV shows based on their language, views, released year, genre, and time duration. You don’t have to spend hours finding a decent movie to watch 

And you know what is the best thing about M4UFree. Surprisingly, the website doesn’t even require you to register. Without signing up with the site, you can freely get access to a wide selection of entertaining movie titles.  

Go to MU4Free Website

16.) AntMovies

AntMovies is another new site for watching movies and TV shows online. Designed with a specific goal of providing an opportunity to watch online movies for free, the website doesn’t even bother you to register. 

Without any prerequisite, you can exclusively enjoy the award-winning movies and TV shown on this website. As it is free from annoying ads, you can navigate through the site without facing any problem. 

Not only you can stream movies online but you can also download them on your PC or Android so that you can watch them later. 

Go to AntMovies Website


17.) TubiTV

TubiTV can be considered as the free version of Netflix. It can be treated as a one-stop destination for all your online movie-related problems as it features 100% legal movies and TV series. 

You can stream all amazing movies and TV shows for free. No subscription fees and no credit card bullshit is required for it. You will get thousands of hours of streaming video content from top studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, and more.

Tubi is available on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, PlayStation, and the web. You can access the site from any devices out there. 

Go to TubiTV Website


Frequently Asked Questions on Putlocker

What is the current Putlocker website?

Putlocker’s current domain is putlocker-is.org, but nobody knows how long it is going to survive. A lot of other Putlocker minor sites and proxies are being taken down every other day by the government due to legal issues. This is the main reason we listed sites like Putlocker which you can use when Putlocker is down.

Is it safe to use Putlocker?

Yes, but I will advise you to take some precautions before visiting this website. Putlocker earns money by placing pop-up ads on their website. Although these ads are safe some ads when clicked may redirect you to malicious websites that can bring malware to your system. So, I will advise you to use NordVPN CyberSec because it blocks all the malicious pop-up ads and offers you an ad-free streaming experience. So, it doesn’t matter how many ads the website has if you are using NordVPN CyberSec, you won’t see any ads.

Is it legal to use Putlocker?

Well, not really. Putlocker contains a number of pirated movies and TV shows. Everybody knows that Piracy is a punishable offense. Sites like Putlocker have been blocked in many countries due to the same reason. These websites have been taken down by the Government from time to time.

So, should you stop watching movies on sites like Putlocker? Well, the answer is NO. It’s quite rare to see any kind of legal action been taken against people who watch pirated movies online. So, it totally depends on you whether you want to continue watching movies on sites like Putlocker or not. I will highly advise you to use a good VPN while watching movies on these free streaming sites.

I can’t access Putlocker, what to do?

It might be a case that your Government has banned the site in your area or maybe the site is currently down. So, in that case, you can either use a VPN or you can use some of the alternative sites listed above.


Though Putlocker is a great website, there are a lot of other sites like Putlocker where you can stream movies and TV shows. It doesn’t matter which website you use for streaming, we will always recommend you to use a good VPN service to safeguard your online presence and to maintain online anonymity. For a VPN service, we advise you to go with NordVPN as they are fast, reliable, have a no-log policy, and provides an ad-free streaming experience.


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