Since the evolution of the internet world, more and more websites are coming forward to provide free movie streaming. Now, this is something very catchy as you don’t have to pay anything to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. But not all websites that provide free movie streaming are legit, some sites are full of malware and viruses. The moment you download anything from them, your system gets infected with malware. So that movie streaming didn’t cost you for free. Fortunately, we have some exceptions such as Soap2day.

Soap2day is an amazing streaming site that lets you watch movies, TV shows, and even sports for free and without any registration. To stream your favorite films, all you need to have is a device and a good internet connection. Sop2day has a beautiful design and an interactive display where you can easily find movies and TV shows in a hassle-free manner.

Today we will list out some of the best sites like Soap2day that you can use either if Soap2day is down or if you are not able to find a particular movie in it.

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How to Visit Sites like Soap2day Safely?

The main issue with free streaming sites is pop-up ads. Not only it ruins the user’s experience, but it can also affect your system by infecting your device with dangerous malware. Another thing, your ISP constantly monitors what you do online. So, maybe you might consider hiding your IP address from them in order to avoid any trouble. That’s why even most of the free streaming sites themselves recommend using a VPN while streaming.

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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) protects your identity from your ISP, hackers, government and other organizations that try to steal your information. It creates a secret tunnel between you and the streaming site you want to visit. Anyone who doesn’t have access to this tunnel can’t see what you’re doing, monitor your activity, or control which sites you are accessing—not even your internet service provider.

One such good VPN service is NordVPN. Based in Panama, a country with no mandatory data retention laws, NordVPN is widely considered to be a VPN leader, and it couldn’t be easier to get started with it.

They have a Strict No Log policy, Military-grade encryption, faster streaming speeds, DNS leak protection, and a lot more features to ensure your safety while streaming online.

Also, they have an amazing feature known as CyberSec. What CyberSec does is, it blocks all the malicious sites, unsafe connections, and dangerous pop-up ads to give you an amazing ad-free streaming experience with a max level of security.

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How to Watch Sites Like Soap2day with NordVPN

  1. Go to and set up an account.
  2. Select your Plan and preferred Payment method.
  1. Download NordVPN client to your system. For Android and iOS users, just download the app from your respected stores. Others can refer to this link and download it according to their system.
  2. Once you download it, Launch the client and log in.
  3. Establish a secure VPN connection by selecting any NordVPN server.
  4. For CyberSec, just go to the settings menu and enable the CyberSec feature by clicking the OFF option.
  5. Once CyberSec is enabled, it will block all the pop-up ads to give you an amazing ads-free streaming experience.

Once NordVPN is enabled, go to the Soap2day website and enjoy your favorite shows without worrying about anything.

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7 Best Sites like Soap2day to Stream Movies Free


Cinebloom, Lunchflix alternative

Cinebloom is an amazing streaming site where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free. It provides you with a variety of streaming options to choose from. Registration is also not required to stream movies here.

The homepage consists of all the newly added movies and TV series episodes along with their streaming quality. You can also select movies and TV shows on the basis of their release year, and genre.

Once you select a movie, it will take you to the movie’s page where you can see all sorts of information about the movie such as its release date, genre, duration and more. Now, all you have to do is select a server and start watching.

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WatchFree is a one-stop destination for the people who love to watch movies and TV shows online. Just like Soap2day, this site is also completely free to use.

The design of this site is quite simple. On the top, the menu lists all the streaming categories you can choose from. Below that, there is a list of all the newly added movies and TV shows that are available in HD quality.

WatchFree has a huge library of movies and TV shows which is regularly updated with the latest releases. So, there is a high chance that you will find the movie you are looking for.

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YesMovies is a popular streaming site that has a huge database of movies and TV shows. Their movie collection is quite amazing and you can find most of the latest releases here. Registration is also not required to access its contents.

In terms of design, YesMovies has a beautiful layout which makes it easy for you to navigate the whole site. The menu is located on the top which contains all the streaming options. Below that, there is a list of all the newly added movies along with their streaming quality.

You can also select movies and TV shows on the basis of genres such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller, etc. You can further filter them out on the basis of their IMDb rating.

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Flixtor is another popular streaming site that lets you watch all the movies and TV shows in HD quality and that too free of cost. Registration or sign up is also not required in order to access its contents.

One thing that makes Flixtor different from its competitors is that it does not contain any pop-up ads. So, there are no pop-up ads to ruin your mood. Moreover, to keep you entertained all the time, new movies and TV series episodes are added every single hour.

There are a lot of streaming options to choose from. You can select movies and TV shows on the basis of genres, most popular today, currently playing in theaters, best rated, and more. Just search for a movie, plug in your headphones and enjoy the ad-free streaming.

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Pubfilm is one of the oldest sites that started free movie streaming. It has far more collection of movies and TV shows than any of the sites on this list.

With such a massive collection, it offers you a lot of films to choose from. You can select movies on the basis of genres such as Action, Adventure, History, Horror, etc or you can simply scroll down the homepage if you are interested in some latest releases. Whatever the case is, this site will never disappoint you.

Also, no worries as registration or sign up is not required. Just select a movie and start streaming.

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If there was a competition for the most beautiful streaming site, then I’m sure Solarmovie would have won that. It is an extremely well-designed free streaming site that takes user experience to the next level with its easy to use navigation and attractive layout.

Being one of the first sites that started free movie streaming, it contains movies and TV shows from all genres. The homepage displays a big search bar where you can search for a particular film. The menu contains all the categories to choose from. Once you select a category, let’s say the movie category, you can further filter out movies on the basis of Type, Genre, Release date, Countries in which they were released and more.

So, all these features make Solarmovie a perfect choice for movie lovers.

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Putlocker was launched back in 2011, since then it has attracted millions of visitors across all regions of the globe. According to Wikipedia, in early January 2012, Putlocker was receiving around 800,000 visitors a day. The data itself shows how popular this site was.

Since 2012, Putlocker has faced many lawsuits for showing copyrighted content to its users. Despite being shut down a lot of times, the site is still active and it keeps changing its domain extension to provide its users with free content. You can find most of the latest movies and TV shows here without any hassle.

Moreover, registration is also not required to access its contents as the site is completely free to use.

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Soap2day stands out to be an excellent streaming site for anyone who is interested in movies and TV shows but as we all know its not the only one. Now that you got the 7 best-streaming sites like Soap2day and all of these are capable of streaming films in high quality. I hope you find the one that suits you best. To make your online streaming experience as enjoyable as it can possibly be, we recommend you to use NordVPN to hide your IP and a good ad-blocker like NordVPN Cybersec to prevent your system from getting any malware online.


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